Candy Horses

Building a community of friends, a welcoming atmosphere, and keeping a fun and outgoing staff team. 

Come find out what all the fuss is about!

Community Features

We're always trying to find ways to expand our community, and appeal to our user's suggestions and needs!

Active Staff team

Our staff doesn't AFK, or constantly hangout in 'invisible'. We're ready and available to answer any questions, or start a conversation!

Custom Chat Bot

Tired of seeing 30 bots? We are too! So we made our own bot to do everything we want, be open source, and do everything better!


Through our website and our bot, you control your experience! We've got badges, awards, and all kinds of fun stuff to make you stand out!


Out staff team has many events, both in the works and ready to be scheduled. Check out our Community Calendar and join us for some fun!

Mature Channels

Tired of sunshine and rainbows? Looking to see what happens after dark? We know someone. Just ask one of our staff members about our mature channels.


Our most loyal of members can receive benefits such as an official E-Mail address, exclusive roles, and IRL Merch!

Official Home of Echleon Bot

The official home server of Echleon, the Discord Server Analytics bot! Join us if you're interested in following the bot's development or to see it in action for yourself!